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  • Easy monthly subscription

  • Increase speaking confidence

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  • Fantastic teacher

  • Active, supportive community

  • New speaking themes to guide the discussions

  • Everyone is in the same boat

  • Finally use the Irish you learnt!

  • Speak with others of a similar level

  • €4 per meetup

How does it work?

  1. After you become a member you will receive an invite link

  2. That will bring you to our group

  3. We speak in small groups (maximum 3 people)

  4. There are different levels (basic, intermediate, advanced)

  5. It is audio only (no video)

  6. We have a new theme everyday!

More for Less

FeatureLanguage School Conversation ClassGaeilge Gym Meetup
Max Participants per Group83
TeacherYesAt least 50% of time
Free TrialNoYes


Tuesdays 7:00pm-8:00pm Irish Time

Hi, I'm Rónán

Hey I'm Rónán. I've worked as an online marketer, software developer and windsurfing instructor. I'm from Galway, and used to speak Irish almost everyday. Since then, like a most, I've stopped speaking it altogether, and have lost most of my fluency. However, when I do try, it starts to come back surprisingly quickly. So I've started this group as a way of getting people together to practice Irish in a relaxed environment, whenever we want.This way of practicing was hugely helpful in increasing my fluency in German.I think we all know a lot more then we give ourselves credit for - we just need a chance to prove it to ourselves!

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An Cruinniú Nua.

A Community of Irish Learners

We all learned Irish, but we have no opportunity to speak it! Many of us would love try to speak Irish casually without having to travel to the Gaeltacht. Well, we shouldn't have to. It should be as easy as logging in from our couch, and finally putting into practice what we have spent so long learning.What I have found is that everyone is surprised by how much Irish they speak when they try. Speaking it in a relaxed environment really triggers the memory.So how does it work? Well, we speak online, together in small groups. There is a new theme for every meetup provided, with plenty of questions to guide the discussion, so there is always something to talk about. It is lead by a fluent Irish speaker, and they will be in your group sometimes. But other times you will be with the other members, chatting about the guided theme or you can speak naturally and free-flowing as Gaeilge!This method of simply speaking is a tried and tested way of increasing fluency.

There are separate groups for beginner, intermediate and advanced, so you can speak with members of a similar level whilst being pushed.

The Mission

The typical Irish journey is quite short. People usually stop speaking Irish after secondary school.Gaeilge Gym aims to help people keep their Irish, so they will be speaking Irish for the rest of their lives.The goal of Gaeilge Gym is to increase the number of active Irish speakers.


How do the payments work?

Ýour account is charged once per month automatically. You can cancel anytime.

Will I be charged during my trial?

No. You have 7 days to try the group out for free. Just cancel during the trial and you will never be charged.

I want to join but I'm nervous, what do I do?

Join! The beauty about Gaeilge Gym is that we are all in the same boat! We have a great group of welcoming members of all different levels, and a fantastic leader to make sure you are getting settled in. Once you push the first few words out the pressure is released and you start to enjoy yourself loads!

How big are the groups?

The groups are maximum 3 people per group.

What are the themes?

We create an original theme for every session to guide the discussion. The themes vary in difficulty depending on the group.

How many meetups can I attend?

As many or as few as you want per week. Some members come to all of them, others once per week.

Are there lessons?

No, there are no lessons. It is a speaking group to practice the Irish you have already learnt, to trigger your memory, and increase your confidence.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, anytime. Just log into the website and cancel it there. You will remain a member of the community until your billing period runs out.

Can I change group if the level is too low/high?

Yes, e.g. if you join the basic group and the level is not high enough, you can switch to the intermediate group and keep the exact same subscription.

Do the meetups start on time?

Yes! Please arrive in the main chat 3 minutes before the meetup starts.

When are the meetups?

Every Monday at 7pm and Saturday 2pm Irish time.

How long are the meetups?

The meetups last 1 hour.

Do you accept members on a rolling basis?


For the first conversation I just want to listen and not speak, is that possible?

No! It is a speaking group - that's how you improve! Luckily we have created a welcoming and encouraging environment for you to speak Irish.

Monthly - €12

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3 Months - €25

Save 30%

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To join:

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